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Alango Ltd. was founded by Dr. Alexander Goldin in 1998 and initially named Scibit (Scientific Bit) reflecting founder's passion for science and computers. Since its foundation in 1998 the company developed and successfully commercialized many innovative algorithms and technologies in different areas as well completed multiple custom hardware, software and system designs. The company has changed its name to Alango in 2002.

Alango Technologies is a recent (2006) spin-off of Alango Ltd., founded to deal exclusively with front-end digital signal processing technologies for acoustic signals. Today Alango Technologies improves the quality of voice communication in both mobile and stationary environments. Examples include such technologies as Adaptive Dual Microphone, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Speech Enhancement, Noise Suppression, Automatic Volume & Equalization Control, Intelligent Speech Mixer, Packet Loss Concealment, Acoustic Feedback Reduction and others.

Alango Technologies have licensed implementation of its technologies and solutions to a variety of different applications such as mobile phone reference designs, VoIP chipset reference designs, videoconferencing system, automotive and aviation industries.

Alango Technologies offices are located in Tirat Carmel, Israel (headquarters and R&D) and in St. Petersburg, Russia (R&D center).

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