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Alango Technologies

We develop advanced, front-end digital signal processing technologies for voice and audio applications. Our technologies improve the quality of voice communication and audio experience in a variety of real life scenarios reducing different types of noises, enhancing speech, canceling acoustic echoes and dynamically equalizing signal volume and spectrum according to current acoustic conditions.

Alango technologies and solutions are very scalable providing excellent performance for a variety of voice applications and products. Examples include, but not limited to: Mobile phones, Bluetooth communication headsets, Hands-free car kits, High-end audio/video conferencing systems, Office speakerphones, Intercom systems, Cordless phones, Assistive listening devices, Military communication systems.

We also help our customers to provide end users with the best possible product, by helping them and supporting them in the development process. This includes implementation and optimization of our technologies for specific computational platforms, development of custom hardware and reference designs, technology customization as well as help in fine-tuning of final products.


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